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ZonBase Review: Top features of ZonBase and is it worth it?

ZonBase Review

If you are a seller on a platform like Amazon, your main worry is if your products are visible to your potential customers. In order to make a profit on your products, you need to use a seller tool that will promote your products and set your business up for success. ZonBase is just the tool you will need to set up your business for success. With 13 powerful tools at their disposal, ZonBase offers Amazon sellers the right tools to succeed on this competitive platform.

Popular features found on ZonBase

Some of the key features that ZonBase boasts of include tools that help you rank higher in the Amazon algorithm. There are many ways to improve your score and make it more visible to customers. ZonBase looks to focus on product research, sales optimization, and listing optimization. Let us take an in-depth into their popular Amazon seller tools:

  1. ZonResearch

With the help of this tool, you can search across the Amazon product catalog and get more insights into products that are profitable and the type of competition your product is likely to face. With millions of products on the Amazon platform, this tool will cut down the time taken to do research on all of them

  1. Keyword Research Tool

If you looking to be visible to your customer base, then using high-performing keywords is the best way to capture more customers. A keyword research tool will be able to give you keywords that are most commonly entered into search engines so that you capture more customers.

  1. Sales Estimator and ZonTracker

These tools give you a better understanding of the sales of popular products and even give you the ability to spy on competitive products and the type of keywords they are using.

  1. Photo Enhancer

Having clear product images can make all the difference in sales and profits. With the help of the photo enhancer tool, you can transform the pictures of your products into professional-quality ones.

Cost-effective pricing plans

One of the benefits of using ZonBase is that they have pricing plans that are much cheaper than other Amazon seller tools.

Their standard plan is priced at $47 for a month and you can also get a full year subscription at just $444. The legendary plan is $97 per month and $804 annually. This is more cost-effective than other seller tools in the same domain. If you take into account all the profits you can make by using this tool, the price of the plans definitely makes it a lucrative option for any seller.

Benefits of using ZonBase

If you are looking to purchase a valuable and affordable service, then ZonBase is the tool for you. There are no hidden fees with this tool like other software. What makes this tool so great is that it is created by other Amazon sellers like you who the ins and outs of selling on a platform like Amazon. Not only that you will be able to get support from professional experts in the selling field. Therefore, if you are an experienced seller or you are just starting out, ZonBase has just what you need to succeed.

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