Viral Launch Review

Which Automated Amazon Software Can Be Used To Monitor Your Competitors?

To be successful on Amazon, you must monitor every move of your top competitors, learn from their success, and capitalize on their weaknesses. This automated competitor tracking works in just a few clicks thus making it easier for you.  With Viral Launch, all you have to do is simply plug in an ASIN and see exactly how it’s performing to claim your competitive advantage. 

Competitor Intelligence reverse-engineers your competitor’s route to success. This advanced reverse-ASIN tool can help you track an ASIN’s keyword and sponsored ad movements. You will also receive notifications regarding changes in keyword rank, sales, price, reviews, and BSR. Market Intelligence is their market research tool that gives you unparalleled insights into what’s happening in a product market. From the Launchpad or the Chrome extension, you can keep a constant eye on the competitive landscape by tracking sales, price, and review trends.

Product Discovery is a tool that will help you discover high-performing brands in your desired category in few seconds. The Full Brand Analysis displays the overall performance of a brand and simultaneously highlights it.

Viral Launch reviews testify that this competitor tracking tool is perfect for businesses looking to stay ahead in the competition and maintain a permanent limelight on their brand. With a Viral Launch coupon code, get 25% to 45% off on all yearly payments.