What are Amazon product trackers?

Amazon product trackers are tools that are designed to help with research and analysis of profitability of products in the Amazon marketplace. The research done by these tools are not restricted to the specific product alone.

Data related to similar products, products sold by competitors, etc. are also collected and analyzed to provide sellers with a true picture of the profitability of the products they desire to sell.

The need for the Amazon product trackers

Amazon product trackers are necessary to run a successful business in the Amazon marketplace because they improve customer satisfaction, monitor competition, provide alerts that are customized to your requirements, track the performance of seller’s products, etc.

The constant monitoring and analysis provided by these tools will help sellers optimize their landing pages so as to boost sales and profits.

Some popular Amazon product trackers

Some of the most popular Amazon product trackers are Helium 10, ZonGuru, SellerApp, AMZ One, Jungle Scout, Data Hawk, Sellics, Viral Launch, etc.

These trackers can all be first tried for free on a trial basis, after which, if the sellers are satisfied with the tool, they can make the full purchase of the product tracker.