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Viral Launch Review: How helpful is Viral Launch for your FBA journey?

Viral Launch Review

If you are looking to get into the eCommerce space, then Amazon is the dominant online marketplace. The only problem with a platform like Amazon is that you have so many other merchants and sellers trying to be successful on it as well. The only way that you can make your products stand out among the millions of other options is through the use of seller tools like Viral Launch.

Viral Launch is an Amazon FBA (Fulfilling By Amazon) tool that was launched to help merchants to list their products become more visible than their competitors. This increase in visibility is translated to more sales for your business which helps in growth. To understand how exactly their tools can help you, here is an overview of the host of tools they host on their platform.

Different tools offered by Viral Launch

  • Product Discovery: A research tool that allows you to find opportunities in the markets for the demand of a product and whether it will be successful or not.
  • Keyword Research tool: Keywords make all the difference to your product listing and improve your Amazon SEO listings. You can boost your sales by choosing keywords that your competitors are missing in the listings.
  • Listing Analyzer: Helps you make improvements to your listings so that you are placed high on the Amazon webpage and consequently improve visibility to potential customers.
  • Keyword Manager: Keeps track of how well the keywords are performing in your listing and allow you to optimize them to increase your rankings
  • Competitor Intelligence Tool: This reverse ASIN lookup tool helps you stay one step ahead of the competition by giving you insights on what keywords may be working for them and information on their top-performing products.
  • Kinetic PPC: Helps to manage your PPC campaigns and track keywords that are driving up sales and profits.
  • Split testing: This allows you to run analytics on your listings and ad campaigns to help identify your most profitable options.

Pricing Plans Available

If you are seriously considering investing in Viral Launch, you can take a 14-day free trial of the tools before you buy any one of the plans available. There are three plans available depending on where you are in your seller journey.

  • Essential: At 69$, you can perform product research
  • Pro: Priced at 99$ you get more tools like competition monitoring

• Pro plus Ads: Throw in ad and sales optimization at just 199$.

Benefits of using Viral Launch over other tools

Viral Launch has been known to provide excellent insights into the selling marketplace on the Amazon platform. It is very simple to use and can be easily integrated into your Google Chrome browser via an extension. Due to the many tools in its arsenal, you get an in-depth look into market analysis and are able to generate data on various product sales and profits. Its interface is very well-designed making viewing of the graphs and analytics simple for beginners to understand. The Keyword Research tool is one tool that relies on a vast database of potential keywords that is updated frequently. This can be helpful when you are trying to make your listings keep up with search trends.


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