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The Factors that Determine Amazon Sales Ranking

Free Amazon sales rank trackers can be used to assess the performance of products in the marketplace through sales ranking. Amazon Sales Ranking or Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is a metric used to determine how successfully a product is being sold when compared to other products that are similar and in the same category in the Amazon marketplace. A lower sales rank is indicative of high sales and a higher sales rank indicates that the product is not sold as much.  BSR is updated every hour to reflect the sales history of products and the data in current sales. Given below are all the factors that affect the sales rank of products on Amazon.

The category to which the products belong

Amazon ranking tools assess the category to which the product belongs to in order to assess product performance in the market. Amazon has different categories from which customers can shop, like, “Books”, “Camera & Photo”, “Home & Garden”, etc. It goes without saying that if a product belongs to a category that is highly competitive, like “Books”, for instance, which has about 13 million product listings, the chances of doing well at the sales ranking is much lesser. The chances of a better sales rank is better in a category that is not overtly competitive. FBA seller tools like Zon Base can be used to conduct product research and identify categories with chances of better sales.

The listing optimization of products

Amazon sales rank trackers also factor in the listing optimization of products in determining the sales rank.  Listing optimization is the process by which products are visible to shoppers in their search results. The better the search visibility of the product, the greater the chances of a product being sold. Some tips for listing optimization are as follows – inclusion of product images, accurate selection of categories, include information regarding warranty, dimensions of product and instructions to care for product in the product description, incorporate relevant keywords into the content on the product page, etc. These services can be availed by using Amazon FBA tools like SellerTools.

The recency of sales of the products

The recency of sales is also looked into when determining the sales rank. A recent influx of sales will improve the sales rank. However, if this influx is not maintained, the sales rank will drop. The key is to maintain the consistency of sales.

The seasonality of the products

The seasonality of products is also a factor that determines the sales rank. Some products are seasonal in nature, like snow shovels which are in demand only during winters, or Christmas lights, which are in demand only later in the year. Companies that sell seasonal products will receive a major boost in sales rank during these seasons, even if they sell lesser items as people come searching specifically for these items during these periods.

The sales history of the products

The sales history of products is another factor that determines the sales rank of the product. Amazon sales rank tools use a product’s sales history as a report card. The past orders and frequency of sales reflected in this report card will affect the sales rank of the product. Sellers should focus on securing consistent orders using strategic marketing so that the sales rank would be predictable and fairly constant.

The day-to-day sales of the products

The last factor that Amazon rank trackers take into consideration when drawing up the sales rank of products. A higher number of sales will reflect positively on the sales rank. Decreases in sales do not always mean the sales rank will be negatively affected. Regular decreases like on the weekdays, or the weekends, will not cause the sales rank to drop immediately. A drop in the sales rank can be noticed only when there has been a constant decrease in sales for about 4-5 days.