Best Amazon Product Research Tools

The Best Amazon Product Research Tools of 2020

Success in the Amazon marketplace can be attained only when sellers are equipped with all the relevant information necessary. Product research begins with the identification of a niche in the vast marketplace that has high demand but low competition. Once this is done, and a product is identified, sellers get to sourcing products that are of a good quality and priced such that it is profitable. Then comes the selling, this requires sellers to improve the visibility of products by optimizing the listing page. Once sales begin, sellers should then analyze the sales to monitor the cash flow. Given below are some of the best Amazon product research tools of 2020 that have proven to help sellers increase profits.

Cash Cow Pro, for extensive product research

Cash Cow Pro is an Amazon product search tool that is dubbed the database monster owing to the magnitude of data it analyzes to help sellers identify products that sell. It is the right tool for sellers who want to gather as much data as possible before formulating sales strategies. Some of the key features of this tool are auto replies, average price, keyword tracker, review tracker, etc. CashCowPro provides customers with comprehensive sales data that includes the number of units ordered, the product sales, the number of orders, net profit for every operation, average price, the profit gained from orders, etc. This tool allows sellers to monitor more than 100 keywords per product. The automated responses feature, responds to customer mails and reviews intelligently, cutting out the work for sellers. The data provided by this toolkit helps sellers identify the behavioral trends of customers, making it easy for sellers to capitalize on that. CashCowPro is a very good Amazon product finder tool as it finds out which products are the most profitable and what niches have not been explored yet.

River Cleaner, to improve product visibility

Once sellers have garnered all the data they require about the product and the niche, improving visibility is the next focus. River Cleaner is one of the best Amazon product research tools when it comes to improving product visibility. One of the highlights of this tool is that it contains an audit tool that highlights the potential problems with the content on the product page. In addition to this, River Cleaner also identifies keywords that should be removed from the listing as they have not been indexed by Amazon and suggests long-tail keywords that should be added instead. River Cleaner’s search rank tracker notifies sellers when their search ranks change and provides them with the reason for such change. Another key feature of River Cleaner is that it alerts sellers on any potential infringements of trademark or Amazon’s terms. In addition to the research on listing optimization, River Cleaner also provides customers with an email designer, sales dashboard, hijacker alerts and landing page builder, making it one of the best free amazon product research tools.

ManageByStats, for research on sales

ManageByStats is another free Amazon product research tool that offers a variety of features. However, its most unique feature is the extensive data collection regarding the sales made. It has a sophisticated data reporting feature as well, which allows sellers to easily analyze their product performance and make changes, for better performance, if required. It also features a dashboard that is customizable and includes sales statistics, profit margins, performance indicators, restocking alerts, etc. The profit calculator feature provides sellers with Amazon fees, product costs, sales tax, advertising costs, etc. ManageByStats presents marketing and sales statistics as graphs so sellers can easily comprehend the metrics. It also allows customers to search through vast transaction and customer databases by using various filters. Customer reviews for this Amazon product research tool boast of the accuracy of the data provided and the manner this data is presented, making it easily understandable to sellers.