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Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz provides users with a clean and intuitive interface they can use to boost their Amazon business. Merchats will have at their fingertips all the Amazon seller tools they need increase their sales, feedback and reviews all in the one place.

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Software Features

  • Product Finder
  • Index Checker
  • Chrome Extension
  • Find Suppliers
  • Product & Spy Tracker
  • Product Monitoring
  • Product Launch
  • PPC Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • Email Automation
  • Profit Calculator
  • Mobile App
  • Reverse Asin Look Up
  • Financial Analytics
  • Academy & Resources
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Optimization
  • Inventory Manager
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Rating Alerts

User Reviews

  • Star 4

    “Ive been using Feedback Whiz for just about a year now and is very impressed by its functions. The best thing about Feedback Whiz is that they do not charge you for the amount of emails.

    The templates and email sequences are easy to setup and it gives you daily email reports of returns and feedback/product reviews received.

    The best part that I love about this software is that we’re able to insert gifs and emojis in the email subject line to grab the attention of the customer. This is one of the best investments that I’ve made in my amazon business!!”


  • Star 4

    “I have used feedback genius + feedback 5 over the last two years and haven’t been impressed with either, but I thought they were the leaders in the industry so we continued to use them. After seeing a feedback whiz demo, we have made the switch and will never look back! The analytics and reporting is superior to any other program i’ve seen. Even if you don’t use any email campaigns- its worth it just for the reporting/analytics! And the best part- its cheaper than feedback 5 and feedback genius, and all pricing options offer unlimited messaging. Say goodbye to the extra $10 “bundle” of messages every month that other programs hit sellers with.”


  • Star 4

    “The things I like the most about this software that I haven’t found on any of those I’ve tested:
    – A/B testing: gives you insight about which campaign leads to higher open rates. Definitely the best feature!
    – Analytics(open rate, number of emails sent…
    – advanced HTML customizations if you don’t want to send classic text
    – Sales tracking: yet another included(free) tool while other services charge for it
    – They are totally compliant with Amazon ToS: recently, they’ve removed a great feature(review/order matching) just after Amazon updated their policy. If you find this feature elsewhere and use it then you’re risking your account.”