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Software Features

  • Product Finder
  • Index Checker
  • Chrome Extension
  • Find Suppliers
  • Product & Spy Tracker
  • Product Monitoring
  • Product Launch
  • PPC Manager
  • Keyword Research
  • Email Automation
  • Profit Calculator
  • Mobile App
  • Reverse Asin Look Up
  • Financial Analytics
  • Academy & Resources
  • Split Testing
  • Listing Optimization
  • Inventory Manager
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Rating Alerts

User Reviews

  • Star 4

    Way too cool for backend keywords, saves a lot of time and hassle that’s for sure. 

    I just wish i knew about this sooner before i spent that much on amz one and such, plus spend all the budget on ppc. Having access to what a seller had in the background also means you get access to a wealth of PPC knowledge. Think about it. The seller uses auto targeting, then fine tunes it..collects the data then goes onto the manual camps with much more precision. Then.. he updates the backend kw that you now have access to.  

    Just saved you some cash. 


  • Star 4.5

    Wow it is amazing. I tested AMZDataStudio with my ASIN, and it immediately extracted the backend keywords of it, 100% accurate! I don’t know how they achieved this, but AMZDataStudio can really get exact backend keywords of ASINs. You can immediately get the results thus the accuracy can be observed at once.
    One tip to share with you guys is if you like their facebook page, you can get a free trial of the tool. I recommend you to use this free trial opportunity to test with your own ASIN so you can see how accurate it is! 

    It would be better if they can provide more promotion codes on their website. For now I only know a few authoritative trainers have this. 

    C. Wiston

  • Star 5

    Honestly the most accurate tool of all, much more accurate than Merchant words or Helium 10. Yes they can extract the search terms you set in your Seller Central. I’ve tried with mine, 100% match, even the order of the words.. 

    I’m just curious how they get the organic and ppc keywords data.