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Seller Labs Review: Detailed Information About Seller Labs

Seller Labs PPC Tools

Seller Labs offers a platform for online business owners to maximize profits and set goals to grow their business. If you are a merchant that operates on Amazon, you should be equipped with the best software tools that will make you competitive. A tool like Seller Labs can help you manage your sales, reviews, and PPC management in one place. To get a better idea of the type of tools that Seller labs offer, here is a detailed review of some of the key features of these tools and how they will work for the Amazon marketplace.

Types of tools found on Seller Labs

Seller Labs contains an arsenal of powerful tools that can lead to the growth of your business. Given here are some examples of the type of tools they offer.

  • Quantify: This tool helps you find possible successful opportunities in the market and allows you to pull out financial information from your Amazon account so that you have an overall idea of how your products are faring in the marketplace. Not only does it keep track of financial matters, but also inventory. This feature allows it to notify you when you run low on any product. Their in-depth sales analysis can be useful for you as you can implement easy changes that can drive up sales. It also offers daily metrics that can be visualized easily in the form of pictorial graphs.
  • Ignite: Ignite is an Ad management tool that allows you to optimize ad campaigns by suggesting relevant keywords. Automation is another key aspect of this tool. It allows you to automate ads for sponsored products and makes decisions based on historical data so as to optimize revenue generation. Another great benefit of using Ignite is that it helps to cut costs when it comes to designing the best ad campaigns
  • Scope: We all know the importance of using the right keywords, especially in product listings and ads. Identifying the best keywords can help boost sales and drive more traffic toward your product listings. Scope is a kind of SEO tool that can optimize listings and can help place you higher in the rankings on Amazon. The scope also helps you do product research and allows you to perform a reverse ASIN lookup to get an idea of the success of competitors’ products.

Take control of your business

The great thing about using sellers like Seller Labs is that you can have control over how to take the business forward. It allows you to check your progress of growth by tracking data from sales, reviews, and revenue.  Their AI-powered decisions are able to create suggestions depending on the type of data they track. You can easily keep track of any changes that can occur in rankings by setting up alerts. Another great benefit includes having control of the money spent on ad revenues. By managing ads and tracking keywords, you can generate more organic traffic to your listings on Amazon and grow the online business.

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