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Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch: A Comparative Study

Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch

Both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are Amazon seller tools that perform different functions. These tools are predominantly used to grow your business on Amazon. There is a lot of product and market research you should do before you launch your business on a platform like Amazon. If you are having trouble choosing between the two then this comparative analysis between the two should help you out.

Jungle Scout:


This software houses the essential features that any FBA seller will need to run their business. You can do product research and come up with profitable ideas that will be successful in the market. With access to a product database, this tool can help you review, organize and analyze data of similar products on the market and calculate profits.

If you are a newcomer in the eCommerce space, then Jungle Scout is able to provide you with easy-to-use research tools that will make your journey as a merchant easier.

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Viral Launch:

Viral Launch

Viral Launch’s software is catered more towards the experienced seller that is looking to fine-tune their product listings and their PPC campaign strategies. Viral Launch is best at finding profitable products with the help of their robust algorithms.

If you are looking to launch new products on Amazon, then Viral Launch is the perfect choice for you. Their split testing tool is a unique feature that allows you to compare profits of different products which can give you valuable insight into how to make profitable changes to your own.

Its market intelligence is far superior to other tools available which are why it is a lucrative investment for advanced sellers.

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Comparison of the key features of Jungle Scout and Viral Launch

  1. Data Mining

Both tools have data mining software so that you can pick a profitable product to sell. Viral Launch does have more robust data mining software that is customizable and more accurate. But that doesn’t mean that Jungle Scout doesn’t have good data too. For beginners, Jungle Scout is easier to understand and use which is why it’s targeted more towards new sellers. For the more advanced seller, Viral Launch offers more options in the collection and review of data when it comes to product research and marketing analysis.

  1. Product Database

In terms of product research, Jungle Scout is the more suited option than Viral Launch. It has a vast database that helps you search through millions of products and filter out what you are looking for. In the beginning stages of your business, this can help you identify profitable products and evaluate how successful your product could be on the Amazon platform. Viral Launch does offer a similar tool that helps in product discovery but has more advanced filters than Jungle Scout. You can narrow down products based on reviews, price, and sales over a period of time. This valuable information can place you ahead of competitors as it gives you actionable changes that you can make to your own product listings.

  1. Keyword research

Once you start your FBA seller journey, identifying keywords becomes the next logical step in setting up high-impact product listings. The Keyword Scout tool by Jungle Scout can help you come up with ideas for well-performing keywords to use in product descriptions and ad campaigns that are consistent with customer search queries. Viral Launch also has a similar tool that can be used for keyword research. It provides insight into the historical search volume of the keywords generated provides a reverse ASIN lookup tool that can give you a glance into competitor advertising keywords.

  1. Market intelligence

When it comes to predicting expected sales from a product, Viral Launch has tools that do a deep dive into historical data of similar products on the Amazon platform. They can also predict market trends and analyze this data to give you more insight into profits and estimated growth of a product. Similarly, Jungle Scout is also a tool that collects sales analytics that can track the real-time performance of your products. Coupled with the Niche Finder, you can further help carve out a space for yourself in a particular niche.

  1. Price point

Jungle Scout is much cheaper than Viral Launch. Since it is a beginner software tool, it is the perfect budget tool for newcomers to keep in their arsenal. Their basic package starts at just $49 per month. If you would like a more professional plan then you can opt for the $129 plan where you get access to a product tracker, sales estimator, inventory manager, and listings grader. Viral Launch offers three types of plans: Essential plan ($69/month), Pro plan($99/month), and Pro plus Ads plan($199/month). Although Viral Launch does seem more expensive, it does offer up more advanced analytics and data that Jungle Scout does not. Taking this into account, both tools are well priced for the features that they offer.

Final thoughts: Which tool is best suited for you?

Both tools are designed to cater to different clientele. Jungle Scout is more for newcomers and beginners in the Amazon seller’s space. For them, a more simplistic and easier-to-use interface works wonders when it comes to starting up an online business.

Viral Launch has more advanced tools at its disposal and chooses to focus on PPC and SEO strategies that more advanced sellers tend to focus on. In terms of scaling up an already successful business, Viral Launch is the better option.

Both tools offer seamless integration into your system with the help of a Chrome extension. When it comes to which tool is better, that decision will be dependent entirely on one’s needs. A newcomer can slowly enter the online seller’s space with the help of Jungle Scout.

There are also detailed guides and blogs that are dedicated to helping beginners use Jungle Scout. Viral Launch just has more advanced tools that are a bit expensive but provide much more accurate data making it a worthwhile investment. Whichever tool you choose, you are still getting your money’s worth.