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Jungle Scout Review: Best Product Research Tool in 2021 for Amazon Sellers

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is the best Amazon product research software using which you can find Amazon niche products and manage product ideas.

Finding potential niche products can be challenging, and at times nearly impossible, without the right seller tools. If you’re planning on searching for products on your own without using the right tools, you most likely will encounter roadblocks. The search might end up being lengthier and more stressful. This Jungle Scout review will prove that this product may be the answer for your Amazon e-business.

Using Jungle Scout, consumers can find Amazon product ideas that have the potential to be profitable. Invest in Jungle Scout to avail the services of professional analysis software that can make your FBA business successful. This product provides you with the necessary tools and resources for a successful Amazon business.

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Jungle Scout Features

Jungle Scout is constantly being updated by a dedicated team of professional developers to offer quality service to consumers. These tools and resources are designed keeping in mind the Amazon FBA business owner’s needs to thrive and expand in the Amazon world.

Product Database– Gain access to a product base consisting of more than 70 million products from the Amazon catalogue. With its pre-set filters such as estimated sales, sales ranks and revenue, you can easily organize and review products to come up with new product ideas. Use the FBA Profit Calculator to track overhead costs and potential fees to efficient product management.

Product Tracker– This unique tool enables FBA Amazon business owners to track a product’s rank, average price, sales and revenue over a set period. Using this data, you can maintain product lists and make informed decisions for the enhancement of your business.

Keyword Scout– This is the most effective and comprehensive keyword research tool for Amazon business owners. This professional tool allows you to easily find the perfect keywords and track a keyword’s performance to help you make informed decisions.

Niche Hunter– Niche Hunter was designed to make things easier for Amazon private label sellers during the product research phase. Update- The Niche Hunter tool has been advanced into Opportunity Finder.

Opportunity Finder– The updated Opportunity Finder tool (previously niche hunter) offers in-depth analytics to enable small businesses to discover a profitable market segment to pursue. The features and filters offered by the Opportunity Finder makes searching for product opportunities a breeze.

Supplier Database– The Supplier Database provides access to a global supplier database. This enables business owners to find suppliers of specific products on Amazon. You can now find suppliers within seconds by using ASIN, and save time and energy.

Launch– Launch was designed to help Amazon FBA business owners drive revenue and connect with customers. Its promotional features and direct customer mail focus on enhancing customer experience and also increases sales.

Sales Analytics– Track sales in real-time and evaluate your strategy to earn more. Access valuable data such as individual product performance rates and supplier details to draw profitable insights to optimize your business strategy.

Inventory Manager– Easily keep track of inventory with the Inventory Manager tools, and make your inventory management light. You will be able to assess your inventory levels on spot and predict the exact amount of stock you will need, as well as the perfect dates to order that stock.

Extension – The Jungle Scout Web App-This innovative web app tool developed by the Jungle Scout team is an extension onto your Chrome web browser. By installing this web app, you can search for a product by using keywords on Amazon and get useful data such as product sales, monthly sales, quality score, average price, and search volume within the Jungle scout extension. Update: The Jungle Scout Chrome extension (earlier sold separately) now is included in every Jungle Scout subscription plan.

Seamless Integration– Using this feature, you can launch and activate the Jungle Scout Chrome extension with a single click of a button, the extension will take in data based on the search results page you were browsing.

Historical Analysis-Integrated into the extension’s platform is AccuSales, a professional data analysis tool. Using this tool, conduct seamless product research by accessing sales estimates, as well as historical sales. Using the given data, plan out an advanced business strategy and keep your business organized.

Opportunity Score– This unique and comprehensive tool will help you to choose the perfect potential products that bring maximum revenue, as well as cancel out products that are unsuitable for your business.

Jungle Scout Pricing

The updated Jungle Scout offers new and innovative features. along with the addition of new Jungle Scout features, comes an updated pricing model that includes a Basic, Suite and Professional plan.

Jungle Scout Accuracy

Jungle Scout was developed keeping in mind the idea of offering efficient and practical business solutions that will enable Amazon FBA sellers to grow their businesses. They focus on providing accurate product research tools to estimate average monthly sales with the help of an expert tool known as AccuSales. AccuSales is based on strategic technology owned and developed by the Jungle Scout team. This invaluable tool is used by more than 200,000 Amazon sellers all over the world.

AccuSales offers the most accurate sales estimates due to a number of key components. Jungle Scout can process 500 million data points daily and insert them into keyword scout. Processing this extensive data is a large expense of Jungle Scout, which weighs into a majority of subscription costs.

Jungle Scout’s highly skilled team with backgrounds in engineering, machine learning, and data analytics work behind the scene to run it efficiently. This combination of skill sets is what transforms raw data into highly accurate estimates. Their team have crafted specific algorithms to measure and analyze the data. AccuSales is regularly updated daily to ensure the accuracy of estimated sales, data measurements and trends.

Why Should You Choose Jungle Scout?

When it comes to product research tools and effective business solutions, nothing can beat the resources, tools and support that Greg Mercer and Jungle Scout provide. Expand your business effectively by scaling your business and focusing on accurate data-driven results. With Jungle Scout, easily discover your next profitable product niche.

Invest in Jungle Scout to pave the way for a successful future for your business. Jungle Scout offers a commitment-free trial period of 7 days for new users to test and adapt to the software. However, after purchase, if you are unhappy for any reason, a refund within 14 days of purchase will be provided. Their offer top-notch customer service and ongoing support and value to each and every customer.

The Chrome extension is a more budget-friendly option or a way to test drive Jungle Scout’s services. This extension comes in two tiers i.e., Pro and Lite. Even though Pro offers a wide-ranging set of tools, features and services and is also the most popular option, the Lite option offers valuable tools from which you can have a potential benefit.

Hope this Jungle Scout review gave you all the necessary information you need. If you would like a deeper analysis of the features Jungle Scout offers, then let us know.

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