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How to Choose the Right Amazon Repricing Tool?

Pricing plays a vital role in sales, be it in conventional commerce set in a brick and mortar store, or e-commerce set in virtual stores. Customers spend a lot of time scouring for discounts and deals before finalizing any purchase. This is where repricing comes to play. Repricing refers to fluctuations in price, caused deliberately according to prescribed rules and based on numerous other e-commerce factors. Sellers in the Amazon marketplace can also change prices depending on the market conditions. Repricers increase the rate of winning the Amazon Buy Box and this is why sellers resort to Amazon repricing tools to arrive at the right re-price. This article deals with how an Amazon repricing tool is to be chosen to fit your business right.

Understand how the algorithm works

Amazon pricing tools are used to make one’s business more efficient and to generate more revenue and profits through appropriate changes in the process of products. It is important that you try out the repricer before purchasing it. This will help you understand how the algorithm of the pricing tool works. Compare the algorithms of a few pricing tools and then make your call depending on which algorithm works the smartest to analyze results and in the implementation of automatic changes.

Make sure the repricer is flexible

Amazon repricing tools are automated. They run on the basis of preset rules. This is why it is important to ensure that the repricer you purchase is flexible and allows sellers to insert rules of their own. A flexible repricing tool also provides sellers with rules that are pre-configured and can be easily selected by sellers. This flexibility is imperative to ensure maximum efficiency of the repricer.

The implementation must be realistic

When it comes to repricing, timing is of the essence. The quicker the implementation, the better the results. However, do not just blindly opt for a repricing tool that is quick. Remember that Amazon has allocated to third party repricing tools, only 30 price feeds every hour. A repricing tool that is very quick will be using up the hourly quota that has been allocated and will be forced to slow down the price changes within the hour. It is important that the time taken for implementation is realistic to reap the rewards of repricing.

The analytics should be reliable

Data analytics is another important feature to consider when choosing a repricing tool. Technological advancements have made it possible for Amazon pricing tools to also provide data regarding competitors, revenue and profit changes and inventory levels.

Ensure that glitches are not frequent

In additional to exceptional performance with the help of the above features, it is important to look at how secure the system is. If the repricing tool is susceptible to frequent glitches or malware attacks, no amount of performance will make up for the damage caused. Go the extra mile and ensure that the customer service for the repricing tool is reliable, so that even in the event that an unforeseen glitch does occur, it will be addressed immediately.

The repricer should be able to adapt                                

Amazon is characterized by its expanding-feature. New upgrades and changes are constantly being made depending upon user preferences and trends. The repricing tool should be able to adapt with the evolution of the Amazon marketplace. It should be updatable and capable of adapting to the changing guidelines of Amazon.

Bqool, the best Amazon repricing tool

Bqool can well be considered the best Amazon repricing tool in the market. Users of Bqool can create repricing tactics exclusive to each competitor.  It allows sellers to frequently win the Buy Box by competing directly against the price. It provides sellers with comprehensive reports to make wise decisions. Even minute changes in price is monitored, sellers can sort all their listings using multiple filters and easily upload excel files.