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How Does an Amazon Sales Rank Tool Help Your Business?

The Amazon sales rank is one of the most debated and examined indicators in its collection. To be honest, many Amazon sellers struggle to rank their products. It’s no surprise that they have a hard time with BSR. The DataHawk Sales Rank Tracker is one of the most advanced Amazon sales rank tools in the market today. It monitors the sales performance of any product on Amazon by tracking daily changes in sales rank in various categories. This tool can be found on ZonCompare and can help you save time and money by providing you with all of the information you need to run, grow, and scale your Amazon e-commerce business.

What is Amazon Sales Rank all about?

The Sales Rank, also known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank, is a metric provided by an Amazon sales rank tracker that shows how a product ranks in terms of sales in a given category when compared to similar products. A product with a sales rank of 10 would be the category’s 10th best-selling item. Therefore, sales rank indicates how well a product is selling in comparison to other products in the same category. For instance,a product with sales rank of 1 is the most popular in that category whereas a product with sales rank of 2 is the second most popular in that category, and so on. In other words, you can see how many other products are outselling yours.

How can you use your product’s sales rank data to your advantage?

With an Amazon sales tracker you can track the correlation between your daily sales and your sales rankings by monitoring changes in sales ranks across different categories for your products, thus extracting insights into what kind of sales velocity you need to aim for, in order to reach top Amazon best seller rank positions, which in turn leads to higher sales and grants you more business.

How can you improve your sales rank on Amazon?

You must sell more on Amazon than your competitors in order to enhance your sales rank. Since the sales rank is a relative metric, you must monitor both your own and your competitors’ sales volumes on an Amazon sales rank tracker for free or on a paid tool. Your ranking will not improve if you sell 4 more units each day unless your strongest competition does as well. As previously said, higher sales volume equals higher rankings, therefore you should never run out of stock. If your product isn’t selling, it won’t improve your sales rank. In addition, it allows your competitors to outmaneuver you. As a result, inventory management has an impact. It is critical for sellers to restock their inventory on a timely basis and to send in sufficient quantities to remain in stock.

How can you use your competitor’s sales rank data to your advantage?

You may derive insights about prospective sales performance of your competitors and leverage other data sources to outperform them by tracking changes in sales ranks across different categories for your competitors and compare that to your own performance. You can also utilize Sales Rank data to do product research by identifying and potentially sourcing top-selling products.

Is it possible to create custom alerts from our Amazon Sales Tracker?

DataHawk’s Amazon Alerting & Reporting tool helps you set up daily email alerts for you or other members of your team depending on specific triggers or changes in the products you track in your account. You may, for example, set up an alert to track the progress of your products’ Amazon Best Seller Rank.

As a result, the DataHawk tool will verify your product rankings every day and display the evolution of your sales rank in an easy-to-read graph. You can also use the complete Amazon Sales Tracker for free or use a paid tool to study new aspects on Amazon, browse through over 700,000 Amazon products in their database, quickly filter by sales rank, and find the best sellers in your product category.