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How Do Your Competitors Research Their Products?

You must be wondering how your competitors research their products as you look for new manufacturing partners for your company. At times you may find yourself searching supplier catalogs or staring at spec sheets when looking for new products to add to your Amazon inventory. What criteria do you use to decide what to include? Are you able to evaluate hundreds of thousands of potential products based on factors such as Amazon consumer demand, Amazon seller competition, Amazon Retail’s position as a rival seller, margin opportunities, and so on?  Product research is an important part of the selling process, but acquiring reliable data on demand, competition, supply, costs, and advertising takes a long time.

Well, you won’t be able to narrow down on potential products without the best Amazon product research tool in the market. Finding a product that is accessible, lucrative, shippable, and has low competition among Amazon’s almost 200 million items is a huge task. If you want to overcome this obstacle, you should choose the JungleScout tool which is clearly one of the best Amazon product research tools of 2021. This product research tool will dramatically speed up the review process, allowing you to make more efficient and data-driven sourcing selections.