amazon keyword research tools

How do Amazon Keyword Research Tools Help Sellers?

Amazon can well be considered a search engine. Information is indexed and various factors are used to determine where a particular search will lead the user to. Amazon keyword research tools guarantee better search visibility of the product visibility of sellers. These tools help sellers maneuver through Amazon’s algorithm- A9, by detecting keywords that are most frequently searched, keywords that are not indexed and therefore should be removed, the revenue generated from each keyword, etc. Given below are some of the best Amazon keyword research tools and the features they have that help sellers in the Amazon marketplace.

Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout

Keyword Scout is a free Amazon keyword tool made available by the tool suite Jungle Scout. It uncovers the top ranking keywords in the Amazon marketplace and shows sellers the search volume of various keywords. This allows sellers to select the most profitable keywords to improve product visibility. Keyword Scout also analyzes the performance of the keywords used by sellers in the past, going back to 2 years. A quarterly and monthly review of keyword trends is also provided to the sellers so that they get the complete picture of the popularity of their products. Sellers can also reverse-search ASINs and compare the performance of sponsored and organic keywords. Another important feature of Keyword Scout is that it provides sellers with information on the keywords that generate maximum traffic for your competitors, sellers can incorporate these keywords into their product listings to beat the competition. Keyword Scout is one of the best Amazon keyword tools because in addition to all the above, it also helps identify keywords with high rank potential and lower costs so sellers can have effective but affordable PPC campaigns.

Scope by Seller Labs

Scope is a free Amazon keyword tool by Seller Labs. It is a comprehensive tool that does not just provide sellers will thorough research, but also provides them with suggestions on how to use this information to be high up on the search results page. Scope helps sellers develop a keyword strategy that is effective and reaches a wider customer base. It tracks the keywords that performs the best, estimates the sales of these keywords and CPC. Additionally, it is also an effective free Amazon keyword search volume tool as it provides sellers with information as to the volume of searches made by customers for different keywords. Using the above information, sellers can make amends to their existing keyword strategy to make it more effective. The AI-powered suggestions made by the tool allows sellers to view the potential sales a competitor makes based on a keyword, making it a very good competitor spy. It keeps sellers updated on the trending keywords, so that they can incorporate the keywords into their listings and increase sales. In short, Scope discovers the most profitable keywords, analyzes the performance of the current keywords used and recommends the addition of removal of keywords depending on their performance.

Sonar by the tool suite Sellics

Sonar is an Amazon keyword search tool by Sellics. The research conducted by Sonar is based on the questions by customers in the Amazon marketplace. It this helps sellers gauge the interest of their customers and optimizes listing so as to reach not just a wider customer base, but also a relevant one, that is more likely to purchase the product listed. The chrome extension of this Amazon tool is free for all sellers. Some of the key features of Sonar include keyword optimization, index checker, identification of relevant products, frequently searched keywords, reverse ASIN searches, etc. Sonar displays the search volume for each keyword allowing sellers to identify and choose the most profitable keywords easily. The index checker helps sellers check whether their backend keywords have been indexed by Amazon and the reverse ASIN search feature helps monitor the keyword performance of competitors.