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How Can You Track Your Business Ads?

The best way to track your business ads is to use an Amazon tool such as Sellics. Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon tool with a smart PPC algorithm to automate your ad campaigns. Their ignite feature, in particular, assists users in growing and optimizing their PPC campaigns on autopilot in order to get the most out of the ad spend. It is one of the best Amazon PPC tool in the market and has proved its worth over time.

The PPC Manager on Sellics allows you to track, evaluate, and improve the efficiency of your Amazon ads. It organizes your ad performance metrics according to sales, expenses, CPC, CTR, orders and impressions, so you don’t have to rely on Seller Central reports to figure out how well your campaigns are doing. Moreover, the PPC optimizer can detect non-converting keywords and make new recommendations based on the advertised cost of sale and impression potential of each keyword. The manager can be used in conjunction with the Amazon Product Advertising API to automate campaigns and build custom rule sets that modify keyword bids based on results. Thus, Sellics is an excellent tool for keeping track of all performance and data metrics that you need to know in order to make better decisions and grow your company.