Amazon market research tools

How Can Amazon Marketplace Tools Benefit Your Business?

By using Amazon Marketplace Tools, you can efficiently manage your business and simultaneously focus on growing it. For instance, Jungle Scout’s inventory manager tool can help you eliminate the stress of inventory planning and prevent shortages in stocks. This tool use data to predict market trends and seasonality. It displays an Al powered dashboard that suggests optimal stocking levels, re-order products and quantities. Amazon marketplace tools can help you analyze the health of your Amazon business and see profits in real-time. Few other benefits are that you can create profit and loss statements, conduct PPC campaign analysis, and track hidden fees. Having easy access to your financial statements will make you feel more confident in your product investments.

With Amazon market research tools, you can instantly discover profitable product niches. This is done by turning a keyword into a market segment and using in-depth analysis on sales performances, emerging trends and competitive insights to draw valuable inferences. Avoid tedious manual research and easily discover keywords with high demand and low competition through pre-set categories and filters. Further, you can get a comprehensive overview of each keyword with respect to many important factors such as average price, seasonal trends, reviews and more over time.