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Highly Recommended Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools

Choose from the best Amazon sourcing and research tools, for your online business. These tools will help you get a better understanding of the changing trends in the market and help you make calculated and smart decisions based on reliable product and sales research to face the competition from other businesses and to help you establish your online presence on Amazon. Here’s a look at some of the best picks that Amazon seller recommend.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers features such as product research and product launch and other software solutions that can help you build a successful online business. Find Suppliers is one tool through which you can source trustworthy and verified Amazon product manufacturers. Using filter options, you can choose the best quality products from suppliers to meet your online store requirements. Other software features help you match products to factories and search by ASIN’s. Chrome Extension is also a useful feature offered by many software providers. With just one click, you can get a comprehensive look at the page results that you have been browsing on Amazon. You can validate product information and receive instant insights into sales estimates, search volume, monthly sales, launch budgets, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings and more.


 For any online business store, having access to the best data sources in the industry should be number one priority. ZonGuru offers exactly what you need and will help you understand the market and get the most out of your Amazon store. The Keyword Researcher feature will help you convert keywords and high-volume search terms for your Amazon listing. All the relevant data comes from Amazon and will help you rank your products quickly and easily. You can keep track of top performing keywords, insights into your competitors keyword strategy, keyword ranking, sponsored Ad rank and much more to keep your business ahead in the market. The Keyword Tracker is another feature that helps you track data such as history/trends, daily, monthly rank changes, page position, search volume, page change up or down, BSR, star rating, and more. Type in the ASIN you want to track and it will start a 24/7 analysis. See the ranking for keywords from your product listing, without having to directly search through Amazon. You can even track your competition ranking, search volume and other details.


Product Finder, a feature available on CashCowPro, will help scan through and provide a vast number of products directly from the Amazon website. Search with your ideas and needs in mind and unravel opportunities for selling profitable Amazon products. You can also search by product category, estimated monthly sales revenue, price, weight, review rating, number of images, number of sellers and other criteria. The Product and Spy Tracker tool will help you discover your competitor’s success and their best-selling products by tracking their daily movements. You can also track potential product ideas, monitor daily inventory, sales, price, and best seller rank, to help you measure each product’s performance and make decisions based on this useful data to identify and focus on your next winning product.


Another useful feature is the Product Monitor found on Seller.Tools, through which you can keep an eye out for suspicious changes in your Amazon product listing, such as images, bullet points, descriptions, titles, buy box and more. Get 24/7 instant alerts if another seller tries to sell counterfeits of your products. This allows you to report any nefarious activity instantly to Amazon, so they can be removed. Keeping an eye on suspicious activity can be difficult unless you rely on an intelligent tool that does all the hard work for you.

In conclusion, if you want to run your online business successfully and with peace of mind, use the best Amazon sourcing and research tools for 2021. Stay up-to-date and ahead of the competition and run a successful business enterprise for a long time to come.