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Helium 10 vs Viral Launch – Overview

helium10 vs viral launch

Are you a seller on Amazon who is overwhelmed by the quantity of seller tool services available? How do you determine if the tool you’re considering or currently using is appropriate for your Amazon FBA business? Let’s compare Helium 10 vs. Viral Launch in this Amazon seller tool comparison.

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Introduction of Helium 10

Helium 10 is a comprehensive set of software tools for Amazon sellers that are designed to assist them in identifying the most profitable products to sell on Amazon. It has everything you need to study and identify the best things to sell, improve your listings, find suppliers, understand your profitability, and even protect you from scammers.

Manny Coates, the founder of Helium 10, began his career as an Amazon seller, and it was there that he noticed a need for software to assist Amazon merchants in growing their companies. Manny teamed up with Guillermo Puyol, a digital marketing expert, to create ‘Scribbles,’ an Amazon listing optimization tool, and the company has since expanded to include a wide range of keyword research, keyword tracker, and optimization tools to help you save time and money in your Amazon business.

The Benefits of Using Helium 10

  • Helium 10 combines all of the tools you’ll need to succeed as an Amazon seller into one convenient package.
  • You can experience practically all of the features before committing to a paid plan because there is a completely free plan available.
  • The tool is extremely user-friendly, so it can be used by anyone, whether they are a seasoned seller or a complete newbie.
  • The data presented is accurate and simple to sort through.
  • All plans feature a Chrome browser plugin that can provide you with vital statistics and insights while browsing Amazon on your Chrome browser.
  • Helium 10 enables you to conduct competition research and identify which keywords your competitors are ranking for so that you may outsmart them and gain a competitive advantage.
  • In addition to the basic plans, there is a ‘A la Carte’ plan that allows you to pick and choose which features are most beneficial to you, so you don’t have to pay extra for any tools you don’t use.

There is a comprehensive ‘help center’ where you can submit support queries and get answers to any questions you may have.

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Introduction of Viral Launch

Viral Launch‘s product discovery tool assists you in finding the best things to sell on Amazon. As a niche hunter, you may easily uncover valuable untapped niche markets by utilizing the millions of unique filter combinations. The data you’re given is extremely accurate, and it’s based on both real-time and previous Amazon data.

You can enter your ideal sales and revenue metrics, and the product discovery tool will provide a list of items that meet your requirements. You can also use advanced filters to narrow down your results even more, saving you hours of manual product research.

Market intelligence software helps you evaluate your product ideas by delivering precise data and trends, allowing you to fully comprehend the product niche and forecast future sales. You may also use the tool to calculate all of your costs and overall profit for each product, so you know what your returns will be before you invest.

You may utilize the Keyword Research tool to optimize the SEO of your listings once you’ve found the correct things to offer. You can trust the data because it comes directly from Amazon, and you can use the relevancy filter to find hundreds of relevant search phrase variations in seconds. You may use the tools to discover hidden keywords that your competitors are overlooking in their own listings, and you can utilize the free listing builder to quickly create the perfect listing descriptions.

The Benefits of Using Viral Launch

  • Viral Launch comes with all of the tools you’ll need to identify successful products to sell on Amazon, and it’s quite user-friendly. The dashboard is well-designed and simple to comprehend.
  • Viral Launch offers listing Dojo, a free split testing tool that allows you to easily split test all aspects of your product listings to improve conversion rates.
  • Using real-time PPC data, you can improve your PPC listings and make informed decisions based on the data.
  • There are a variety of free courses and instructional materials available to assist you in growing your business and being successful on Amazon.
  • Advanced filters in the product discovery tool can help you locate profitable untapped markets.
  • You can conduct product research while surfing Amazon with the help of an easy-to-use Chrome extension.
  • They have a fantastic customer service department that you may reach out to via email.
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Helium 10 is a strong tool with reliable data that can help you locate profitable things to sell on Amazon quickly and efficiently, as well as optimize the keywords in your listings to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. In addition, it contains features to assist you with the selling process, such as inventory protector and refund genie, to help you avoid any losses while running your Amazon business. Moreover, it includes a Chrome browser extension that can be used to conduct product research when surfing Amazon.

Helium 10 offers both a free and a ‘A la Carte’ plan, allowing you to customize your own plan with the features you require. This flexibility is especially handy for someone starting out on a budget or who has specific requirements, as you won’t be wasting money on products you won’t use just because they’re included in a plan.

When it comes to Viral Launch, it’ main advantage is particularly the Listing-Dojo tool, which allows you to split test your listings to ensure optimal profitability for your business by split testing the various features of each of your listings. This tool is separate from the plans and is absolutely free, so you can use it regardless of the product and keyword research software you use.

If you want to give Helium 10 a try, you may start with the free plan to see how you like it, and then upgrade to a paid subscription later if you love it as much as we do. Although Viral Launch does not provide a free plan, they do offer a free trial so you can try out the features and see how everything works before committing to the tool.