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Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout

Most of Amazons sellers use either Helium 10 or Jungle Scout as their preferred product research tool. Both the products offer competitive features and pricing structures. Read on and we will walk you through the features, benefits and costs of both tools.

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Jungle Scout: Its Features and Benefits

The primary function of the Jungle Scout is to identify the most potentially profitable products in the least amount of time. With close to 70 million products in Amazon’s catalog alone, this tool has pre filters that can be applied to view the ranking, estimated sales and monitor business growth and success.

-FBA Profit Calculator

A profit calculator is great step into product management and responsible business sense. The FBA profit calculator is simple yet brilliant, enabling you to search for items by name or code and to compare Amazon FBA fees versus the seller dispatching the product on his own. Merchants can also use this feature to keep a track of overhead costs and potential fees.

-Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is considered to be one of the most comprehensive and accurate keyword research tools available in the market. It helps to identify the exact match in broad volumes for high converting keywords. Merchants can gain insight into highest ranking keywords used by competitors. A seller can use Keyword Scout to manage lists, research the performance of keywords used in the past and to stay organized. This feature also finds keywords for the regional markets of Spain, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

-Jungle Scout Launch

Launch enables sellers to discover very quickly which of their products are high on demand. It was designed to do two things: boost customer connection and increase revenue. The direct mail feature ensures better reviews and customer satisfaction. The promotional aspect aims to increase the profits.

-Supplier Database

This feature includes a supplier database that enables merchants can find the best products and factories according to requirement. In just a few seconds, specific suppliers can be located. The numbers are based on reviews, sales data and category. A seller can also provide similar commodities to a factory using the Jungle Scout Supplier Database feature.

-Opportunity Finder

This niche hunter tool is designed to help merchants find products and emerging trends based on ratings. The competition ranking, quality listing and demand assist the seller in eliminating products that are no longer profitable and by tracking sales in real time in order to increase revenue.

-Sales Analytics

A successful merchant is one that is able to optimize business strategies and evaluate them. The Sales Analytics tool helps businesses to increase their earnings by displaying metrics of performance rates, supplier details and peak sales periods.

-Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout has developed a state of the art Chrome extension that aims at creating better strategies based on peak promotions and product sales. By using specific keywords, merchants can now find products on Amazon, its sales data and recent Google trends.

Jungle Scout Extension for Chrome

Along with the Chrome extension for Jungle Scout, merchants can also use AccuSales which conducts a seamless, powerfully accurate data analysis. The product research is based on historical sales and estimates between Jungle Scout and Amazon itself.

-Inventory Manager

With the Jungle Scouts Inventory Management tool merchants will always know the exact level of inventory available at hand at all times. This process is both simple and accurate, enabling the merchant to make predictions with regard to additional stock. The tool also calculates in real time, the time to place an order and to correct the order quantity. Every time new stock is added the Inventory Manager estimates the costs and the profits.

-Calculate Inventory needs

This tool manages sales history, regulates additional order, places an order in advance and provides seamless data integration. The tool activates and launches the browser extension so that merchants can view all their data with a click of a button.

-Jungle Scout Pricing

The Basic Package comes at an annual price of $349, which works to $29 for a month. Sellers will get a single user license along with complete access to the Jungle Scout browser extension. For more advanced features, merchants can choose the Jungle Scout Suite Package. Costing just $589 per year, it includes profit projections, sales estimates, Keyword Scout, review automation and competitive data in addition to all the basic plan features. The top plan is the Jungle Scout Professional, which can be yours for $999 per year. With this package, a seller can avail of features that include tracking up to 1000 ASINs, a database of suppliers, six user licenses and Sales analytics.

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Helium 10: Its Features and Benefits

Built primarily for Amazon FBA sellers, the Helium 10 is a collection of powerful software tools. It helps merchants identify current trends, find high ranking keywords, increase their sales, achieve full optimization on their product listing and spy on their competitors. Take a look at some of their top features or tools.


Cerebro has the ability to conduct a reverse ASIN search of powerful keywords. Keywords can also be located by product numbers which means a merchant will be able to view products on Amazon with similar keywords. Keyword groups organize and manage the enormous list of keywords gathered after a search.

– Blackbox

The Black Box was created to use smart filters and efficient data management processes for product research on Amazon. The tool adds keywords of the highest ranking or optimization to the Helium 10 PPC campaigns enabling sellers to complete product research in a matter of minutes. From average search volume to average product price, all the data is at your fingertips.


This unique tool offers recommended spelling options to misspelled words. Merchants can carry out a search to identify the entire volume of misspellings and then select the ones that will be automatically imported to Frankenstein

-Inventory Protector

Merchants can use this tool to keep track of their inventory, order additional stock based on sales and run inventory totals at any select period of time.


This feature from Helium 10 enables merchants to look for individual keywords, keyword phrases and products according to seasonal trends. While it is similar to Google Trends, this tool is only available through Helium 10.

-Index Checker

Also known as the 5K checker, this feature searches product listings to check if the algorithm has indexed important keywords for specific products.  It determines keyword rankings for products of competitors so that Amazon sellers can use them.

-Profitability Calculator

Every time a merchant establishes their listing, the Profitability Calculator uses the available data and factors to calculate weight, dimensions, FBA fees, manufacturing and shipping costs to determine the expected profit.

-Keyword Tracker

This tool tracks the ranking of product keywords so that sellers can learn from their competition. To avoid listing hijackings, Helium 10 has an alert feature that sends instant SMS or emails in order to provide listing protection 24/7.

-Refund Genie Amazon FBA

Designed to simplify the process of reimbursements, refund Genie sends pre written message templates to merchants with a complete breakdown of figures.

-Review Downloader

This unique tool is available through Helium 10 and helps sellers sort out and organize export reviews into a spreadsheet. Quick and convenient, the review downloader enables merchants to see what reviews a large group of customers are giving about their products or about their competitors’ products.

Helium 10 Pricing

The Helium 10 free tool plan includes the use of Magnet and Cerebro twice a day, the use of Index Checker upto 6 times and the Black Box 20 times in all. With this plan, sellers can track 2 ASINs, a maximum of a 1000 XRay requests and the Trendster for 30 days. It also offers a full access to the Inventory Protector, limited use of Refund Genie and gives a weekly profit update. The Helium 10 Starter plan comes at a price of $37 per month with the additional benefit of full access to XRay. At $97 per month, sellers can avail the Helium 10 Platinum Plan. It gives access to most of the Helium 10 features including tracking upto 300 ASINs with alerts, daily profits update, 5000 monthly emails, market tracker for 3 markets and a 150 monthly uses of Index Checker. The Helium 10 Diamond Plan costs $197 per month gives full access to Cerebro, Black Box, Refund Genie, Freedom Ticket, Frankenstein, Magnet and Scribbles along with many other additional features. The Platinum and Elite plan offer their sellers a number of advanced benefits that are for high level serious merchants who want to up their game.

Both Jungle Scout and Helium 10 offer excellent features and have the best review ratings. While they both have product tools that are similar in function like the Black Box, X Ray and Opportunity, they also offer unique tools. Jungle Scout is undoubtedly the best option for new sellers. Helium 10s Cerebro, Magnet and Adtomic are what makes it the best all in one seller tool for Amazon.

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