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Helium 10 Review: How effective is Helium 10 as an Amazon management tool?

Helium 10 Review

Are you looking to sell your goods on a reputable e-commerce website like Amazon? Then, Helium 10 is just the tool for sellers like you. With an increasing dependence on online shopping, the e-commerce industry is expected to grow over the coming years. As a seller, you can capitalize on this growth by using a set of software tools that will give you an extra edge over your competitors on websites such as Amazon.

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What exactly is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a set of software tools that help sellers and merchants to succeed on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. This all-in-one software tool is currently the leading seller’s tool on the market. With the help of Helium 10, merchants are able to optimize how their listings appear on Amazon, use appropriate keywords to capture the attention of customers, generate product ideas and analyze product trends. The main goal of Helium 10 is to help you grow your business on Amazon. This can be achieved by giving you a complete set of tools that help you grow your online business. If you are looking to increase the profits of your business, then Helium 10 is the best software to use.

List of Helium 10 features

Helium 10 contains a set of tools that are relevant for making your business stand out from the rest of the competition. Given below is a list of the most noteworthy tools under the Helium 10 umbrella:

Black box: Black Box is a product research tool that can be used on Amazon to strategically search for products. With the use of Helium 10’s multifactored algorithm, you can analyze the price, review metrics, and compare Amazon products easily. This kind of research can be invaluable for you when you are listing your own products on Amazon and can help you formulate different ways on how to stand out from the competition.

Magnet: Keywords are important to consider when you are using a platform like Amazon. The use of the right keywords helps direct traffic to your products. Magnet has a database of high-performing keywords that can be used in descriptions of your products and is an important SEO strategy to drive more traffic to your product pages. Another noteworthy keyword research tool that Helium 10 offers is Cerebro. Cerebro allows reverse ASIN lookup which allows you to check on product rankings on Amazon and compare how similar keywords can affect these rankings.

Frankenstein: Once you have identified your keywords using the Magnet tool, you can import them into the Frankenstein tool and further condense them down into a comprehensive list of keywords. This organization of keywords helps in filtering out unwanted characters and words so that you are left with keyword phrases that will improve your Amazon product ranking.

Listing Analyzer: After deciding on the appropriate keywords that will describe your product, you can now begin creating a listing for your products and check the listing score of your products using the Listing analyzer tool. This can be helpful in further improving your product listings.

Alerts: Alerts is a very helpful tool to protect you from ranking hijackers. It allows you to constantly monitor your listings so that you are prepared when a risk is detected. With this 24/7 monitoring, you can safeguard your product listings.

Profits: This tool is an excellent financial analytic whereby you can view the gross revenue from sales, predict and calculate sales trends and quickly identify best-selling products.

Adtomic: Another great marketing tool that you can consider is Adtomic. This tool allows you to manage and optimize your Amazon Advertising Campaigns and gives you clear insight into your PPC data.

Refund Genie: This tool helps you make the process of refunds relatively easy. The issuing of refunds becomes quick and simple with the help of this tool.

Inventory protector: With help of the Inventory Protector you can track all your inventory and make sure that your products are in full stock so that there are no shortages.

Benefits of using Helium 10

If you want to invest in the best seller tools on the market, then Helium 10 is the way to go. Here are some of the reasons why Helium 10 is far more superior than other tools available on the market today:

Cost effective: If you are looking to solve all your problems using a single platform, then Helium 10 is the best cost-effective solution for you. This platform can help you save money and redirect it to other parts of your business that could need it. Another great feature of this software is that it offers different subscription plans that are quite reasonable. The starter plan starts off as low as 37 dollars so that beginners can get started easily. Alternatively, if you would like to see if this tool is a good fit for you, there is a free trial version that one can opt for as well.

Proprietary tools: Another great benefit of Helium 10 is theavailability of tools that cannot be found on other platforms.  Tools like Cerebro, Magneto and Scribbles are very unique and each tool is designed to compliment each other.

Built in marketing tools: Tools such as Adtomic and Market Tracker are perfect SEO strategy tools that help in PPC advertising.

Saves time: What Helium 10 does best is that it offers a wide array of tools on a single platform thereby minimizing the time spent on promoting your products on Amazon.

Final thoughts and conclusion

The Helium 10 is the most comprehensive sellers’ tool on the market today. It successfully encompasses all the tools that can solve any issue you might have with selling your goods on Amazon. In terms of value and effectiveness, the pros of using this tool far outweigh its cons. In addition to their exemplary customer service and access to educational resources, they help you stay competitive in the marketplace. This one-stop solution can be of great value for you and your business enterprise.

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