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An understanding about product research and the best amazon tools that can help you optimize your business.

 (Press Release) July 10, 2021 – The simplest way to identify the perfect products to sell on Amazon is to conduct Amazon product research. You need the best tool for Amazon product research if you’re thinking about selling on Amazon FBA or looking for new products to add to your inventory. Define your objectives to get the most out of Amazon product research or you may end up drowning in data if you don’t know what you’re looking for. ZonCompare is one of the top platforms for finding the most useful tools. It is an independent comparison platform that provides Amazon sellers with an unbiased selection of seller software solutions.

Finding a perfect product is the first and most important step in becoming an Amazon seller. You should make a list of the best-selling products on Amazon that you want to sell. Next, look at whether or not similar products are being sold and how they’re performing in the market. The next step is to look at statistics, such as sales, reviews, keyword search volume, and related products. This can be done using Amazon product research tools for free from ZonCompare. You can predict the kind of pricing competition you’ll face by looking at listing activity across different sellers on listings you already have or are considering adding to your catalogue.

CashCowPro is an Amazon product tracker tool known as the database monster because of the massive amount of data it analyses to assist sellers in finding profitable products. It is ideal for sellers who want to gather as much information as possible before deciding on a sales strategy. Auto responses, average pricing, keyword tracker, review tracker, and many more features are included in this tool. Sellers can use this tool to track more than 100 keywords per product. The automated response feature intelligently answers customer emails and reviews, saving sellers time and effort. The data in this toolkit assists sellers in identifying customer behavior trends, making it simple for them to capitalize on them. CashCowPro is an excellent Amazon product finder since it determines which products are the most profitable and which niches have yet to be discovered.

ManageByStats is another free Amazon product research tool listed on ZonCompare and has a number of useful features. Its most distinguishing feature, however, is the substantial data collection on sales. It also offers a sophisticated data reporting capability that allows sellers to quickly examine their product performance and make modifications to improve performance. It also has a configurable dashboard with sales information, profit margins, performance indicators, restocking notifications, and other features. In addition, they also display marketing and sales statistics as graphs, making them easy to understand for sellers. These are just two out of the many excellent tools listed on the website.

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