Top 26 Amazon FBA Seller Tools in 2022

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FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has changed e-commerce for good. With its shipping services, Amazon has empowered millions of businesses across the globe to find a place in the marketplace. To have one’s business spotted by customers in this crowded marketplace can be a tricky affair.

FBA seller tools help third party sellers get better at selling in the Amazon marketplace. They help sellers take advantage of the surge in e-shopping observed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Given below are the top 25 Amazon FBA tools for sellers in the Amazon marketplace.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is the Best Amazon Seller Tools.

Helium 10 is one of the leading Amazon FBA seller tools with the number of users being over a million. Helium 10 provides it users with the latest software, a wide array of training resources, and adopts the latest technological advancements.

Helium 10 provides sellers with all the tools they would require to boost sales in the Amazon marketplace. Some of its most popular features include listing optimization, finance tools, product research, keyword analysis, etc. The smart filters in the BlackBox tool offered by Helium 10 allows sellers to arrive at the most profitable products using profitability calculator. In addition to this Helium 10 also provides operations management and analytic tools like the market tracker which observes the competition and analyses keywords.

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2. Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout, founded in 2014 by Greg Mercer is another popular Amazon FBA seller tool that helps sellers locate profitable products in the Amazon marketplace. The number of sellers in the Amazon marketplace is ever-growing.

Just last year, over 1 million sellers joined the marketplace and over 238 billion sales were recorded. Given this stiff competition, it is pertinent that your business strategy beats that of your competitors. The competitor analysis and research done by Jungle Scout will help you amend your business model so as to stay a mile ahead of your competitors in the Amazon marketplace. Some of the most popular features of Jungle Scout include Niche Hunter which helps identify niche products to sell, Product Trackers which records the performance of the product’s sales, and Keyword Scout which analyses keywords used by users and prepares a list of high performing keywords.

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3. ZonGuru

ZonGuru Review

ZonGuru is a toolset that covers product listings, email automation, product research, competitor analysis including competitor sales tracker, order processing, sales ranking, keyword optimization, negative review notification, keyword rank tracking, etc.

ZonGuru is particularly popular because it facilitates easy and quick communication and helps improve the product rating by process customer reviews in bulk and bringing to attention negative reviews. Some of its popular features includes Keyword Listing Optimizer, Business Dashboard which displays the best and worst selling product, sales graph, recent reviews, etc., IP Monitor to prevent IP theft, Sales Spy, Email Automator, Love-Hate Differentiator which provides the ratio to positive comments with that of negative reviews, etc.

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4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

Viral launch will help you climb to the very top of your niche market within the Amazon marketplace. It helps you assess the Amazon marketplace to spot opportunities, observe competitors’ strategies, track the performance of your products, optimize product listings, etc.

The popular tools in this tool suite includes Keyword Manager, PPC suite, Listing Builder which generates insights on SEO performance, Split Testing Tool which helps determine selling rates, Listing Analyzer, Competitor Intelligence Tool which is essentially a spying software used against your competitors in the market, Keyword Research Tool, Product Discover Tool, amongst others.

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5. ZonBase


ZonBase offers sellers tools such as Keyword Finder, Revenue Estimator, Hidden Niches, Keyword Analysis which allows you to locate the highest performing keywords, Brand Rank Tracking, Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization, Reverse Keywords which allows you to see what keywords your competitors are using, etc.

A chrome extension of this tool suite is available. This makes for faster processing of data to provide you with actionable insights. When you subscribe to this tool suits you are guaranteed a personal instruction session with an expert to help you use the tools provided effectively to maximize your sales.

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6. Seller Tools


Seller.Tools is a tool suite that helps Amazon sellers focus on high-potential customers across the Amazon marketplace globally. Prizm is the product research tool offered by Seller Tools. It allows sellers to locate the products that are most profitable and also provides sellers with insights about the product performance that are actionable.

The most popular tool of this tool suite is its Keyword Manager. It allows sellers to navigate through thousands of keywords easily and uncover hidden keywords that can rake in sales. The product monitoring and hijacker features are some other widely popular features of Seller Tools. Sellers are alerted of modifications in real time, giving them the opportunity to make rectifications immediately. Changes in color, auditable status, weight, title, ASIN BSR, etc. are a few of the alerts received when sellers use Seller Tools. Additionally, it also alerts sellers of the presence of hijackers to prevent theft of intellectual property.

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7. Sellics


Sellics is the most popular Amazon FBA seller tool of 2020. User experience is reportedly high when it comes to Sellics. This tool suite offers a variety of tools that help with inventory management, competitor research, review management, listing optimization, keyword research, product research, management of PPC campaigns, etc.

Sellics is most preferred because of the accuracy of the metrics it pulls from Amazon and the conversion of these metrics into simple language, that can be understood by sellers. A/B testing tools, rank tracking tools, listing analysis tools, optimization tools, Amazon Sales Rank Tool which covers sales history, sales volume, product rank tracking, price history, etc., and tools that collect and present sales data like BSR, PPC costs, refunds, PPC performance, profits, competitor comparisons, are just a few of the many tools Sellics offers.

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8. Manage By Stats


Manage By Stats is the Amazon FBA seller tools that is most famous for easy access to customer database, comprehensive financial analysis and accounting, and reports on real profits. Some of the tools offered by Manage By Stats includes comprehensive seller tools which provides sellers with all the data they would require to strategize effectively like Profit Dashboard, Transactions, Graphs, Reviews, Inventory, Statistics, Customers, Feedback, etc.

SellerMail is the most popular tool in this suite. It is a highly equipped automated email responder. Some other popular tools include Catapult which helps improve rankings, sales, conversion and overall growth of the product, Product Finder which helps locate the most potential and profitable products in the marketplace and is perfect for when you are looking to expand to new products, Advertising Manager which is the PPC management tool that has raked in heaps of praises from sellers.

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9. CashCowPro


CashCowPro is dubbed the data monster because of the enormity of the data it offers to sellers.

Some of its most popular features include the sales data tool which estimates profits using real-time data, product image tools which help sellers publish clear images of their products on their landing page, keyword tracker, chrome extension which improve ease of use, automated feedback tools which enables sellers to create automated responses for FAQ and track the reviews posted by customers, product and niche expansion tools, filtering tools too narrow down on products within the suitable niche located, inventory monitoring tools that help sellers avoid stock from being unavailable, tools that provide conversion percentages, ROI analysis tools, and A/B Split testing tools, amongst others.

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10. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is popular for the actionable sales strategies it provides, comprehensive competitor analysis, and in-depth keyword research it facilitates. The first tool that sellers will see when they open the menu on this tool suite is the Product Promotion tool which allows sellers to offer product discounts to promote the product. It helps set up discount codes and vouchers to customers across the marketplace.

Some other popular tools in this suite include Email Reports tool which enables sellers to find all the relevant insights with respect to product performance directly in their email inbox, keyword finder tools and keyword suggestion tools, alert tools which notify sellers of negative reviews, rank tracking tools, competitor analysis tools which tracks the sales of your competitors, and Review Hunter which helps sellers find customer emails and prepare an effective mailing list.

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11. MassView