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AMZ Scout vs. Jungle Scout – which is the better Amazon FBA tool?

jungle scout vs amz scout

Online shopping is here to stay. And of all the online marketplaces, Amazon is without a doubt the household favorite.

Sellers in the Amazon marketplace can now take their business up a notch and rake in high sales with the help of Amazon FBA tools. These tools help sellers gain insights into product potential, the product performance in the Amazon marketplace, the performance and strategies of the competitors, etc. All of this data is vital in creating successful sales strategies.

In this article, we compare two of the most popular Amazon FBA tools- AMZ Scout vs Jungle Scout. We will be looking at some basic parameters that will help sellers choose their Amazon FBA tools, and compare the performance of AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout with respect to that particular feature.

Experience in Helping Sellers

Jungle Scout is the earliest tool suite that was made available to sellers in the Amazon marketplace.  It was developed way back in 2015 by Greg Mercer, who was a successful Amazon seller with an impressive eight figure Amazon sales. The intention behind this development was to help other sellers in the Amazon marketplace to grow their business successfully. In addition to this exceptionally talented leadership, the team at Jungle Scout is also filled with experienced engineers, marketing experts, customer specialists, etc.

AMZ Scout was launched in the year 2017 and is spearheaded by Paul Ryskoy who is an expert in digital marketing and sales. It is a successful MNC that benefits from the expertise of professionals across the globe.

While Jungle Scout has clearly been in the game for longer, AMZ Scout is by no means any less equipped to help the sellers of today conquer the heights of the Amazon marketplace.

Tools Offered By Both Suites

One of the most significant factors to be considered in decided AMZ Scout v Jungle Scout, is the tools offered. Only if the suite offers tools that sufficiently meet the needs of sellers, can it be beneficial.

Jungle Scout, for instance, has an ever-growing Product Database that now stands at 475 million products. In addition to this it offers Product Tracker that monitor the products that are most sold and the changes in pricing and demands, Keyword Scout and Keyword Research that are tools to identify the keywords that bring in most traffic, Opportunity Finder to locate profitable products, Supplier Database, Inventory Manager, etc.

AMZ Scout on the other hand, has a Product Database of over 550 million products. It also provides sellers with keyword tools like the Keyword Research tool and the Amazon Keyword Tracker that analyze the performance of the keywords used by sellers.

AMZ Scout also provides sellers with the FBA Fee Calculator that helps sellers branch out their business to different countries, and the FBA Sales Estimator which gives sellers an idea of the sales that will be made over a time period, amongst other tools.

Accuracy of Data Provided

The next feature we will look at in this AMZ Scout v Jungle Scout article, is data accuracy. If the data provided is not accurate, all of the strategies that are built on the basis of this data will be affected negatively.

When compared to Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout fares lower in data accuracy. In fact, statistics reveal that Jungle Scout is about 47% more accurate in the data it provides than AMZ Scout. This is predominantly because Jungle Scout has been in the game for much longer, and therefore has a greater running history of data, which helps provide more accurate analysis.

Customer Support and Resources

The customer support team of Jungle Scout is very highly praised by Amazon sellers as it is open 24*7 for any queries sellers may have. The best part is that this team is comprised of sellers themselves who have successful businesses in the Amazon marketplace. In addition to this, Jungle Scout also provides sellers with a virtual library called “Academy” on which they can find numerous training material to help them set up and run their e-commerce business on Amazon.

AMZ Scout also provides sellers with resources that will help them make a mark in the Amazon marketplace. They have free courses and regular webinars that teach the basics of selling on Amazon. In addition to this, they also provide Seller Masterclasses that are available upon subscription. These classes are taken by industry experts and cover advanced portions like locating profitable products, marketing, and sourcing products for Amazon.

A good seller tool comes with the right resources to help sellers make the most of the tool suite. In addition to having these resources, the tool suite should also have a robust customer support team that will teach sellers how to use them. In this category of AMZ Scout v Jungle Scout, the latter has the upper hand.

AMZ Scout vs. Jungle Scout – Pricing

The last feature we will look at in this AMZ Scout v Jungle Scout battle is pricing. The pricing of an Amazon tool suite will determine whether or not a particular business can afford it. Irrespective of how good a tool suite is, if it is beyond the budget of the seller, it cannot be utilized. Keeping this in mind, let us look at the pricing range of both these tool suites.

Jungle Scout subscriptions plans that charge monthly, and yearly. It provides sellers with a money-back guarantee if they did not find the tool suite helpful within 7 days of purchase. However, no free trial period is offered by Jungle Scout.

AMZ Scout also has monthly and yearly payment plans to avail the tools in the suite. It also provides sellers with a money-back guarantee, however, it lasts for 10 days since purchase and enables sellers to use the major tools for free. In addition to this, AMZ Scout also offers a free trial period of 7 days.

AMZ Scout is definitely the winner when it comes to this feature.