Amztracker Review

Amazon Seller Tool with an Effective Defensive Strategy that Works

You may find numerous software tools in the market that promise to work wonders, but only a few have a complete 360-degree seller strategy. Amazon sale is a lot like winning a game. You need a good offensive as well as a defensive strategy to score big. Amztracker does not disappoint in this regard. Its defensive strategy includes alerts of negative reviews. That means you get a notification when someone leaves anywhere between one to four stars. You can then message them and take corrective action so they raise the rating.

According to Amztracker reviews, you will also get a notification when another seller tries to get information on your market or product. This allows you to reclaim your listing from a competitor. Another great feature is that it allows you to track competitor sales and find loopholes in their listings so you can spot changes and see their effect on rankings. Apart from defensive strategies, the software helps you increase conversion rates, track keywords, promote your products, and boost rankings using the super URL feature. Use the Amztracker promo code and register right away for all these benefits and more.