Some of The Best Amazon Product Research Tools

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Product research is key to winning in the Amazon marketplace. The more the information, the better the sales strategy. This is where Amazon product research tools come into play, they conduct product research for sellers in the Amazon marketplace. Sellers can search for specific metrics that will come in handy as they strategize. Given below are 12 Amazon product research tools every seller should know about.

1. Seller.Tools

Seller.Tools - Product Research Tools

Seller.Tools helps sellers target customers who have the highest potential of making purchases. The product research tool of this tool suite is called Prizm. Not only does it help sellers identify the products that are highly profitable, they also provide extensive insights on performance of products across the Amazon marketplace. This constant monitoring enables sellers to keep their product page optimized for best results at all times. Some other popular features in this suite includes its keyword research tools, alerts on attempts at hijacking, alerts on modifications to product page, etc.

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2. ManageByStats


ManageByStats is popular for how easy it is to access customer database and reports on profits, finances, accounting, etc. All the information a seller would need in order to create a successful sales strategy, this tool suite provides. From the profit dashboard, to graphs, to information on transactions, to inventory statistics, to feedback statistics, you can get it all using ManageByStats.

The Product Finder tool is perhaps the most popular of all the other tools in this suite. It helps sellers locate the most profitable products and niche markets that sellers can enter into, making it the go-to tool suite for sellers who are expanding their business.

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3. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is an Amazon product research tool that provides thorough competitor analysis, in-depth analysis of keywords, and comprehensive data in products in the Amazon marketplace. In addition to product research, this suite also helps sellers promote their products by suggesting alluring offers and discount ideas to rake in sales

All the information pertaining to your product, and products you are interested in, will be mailed to you for easy access. Some other popular features of this suite include review notifications, ranking tools, performance tracking tools, etc.

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4. Mass View


MassView is the go-to Amazon seller tool for those looking to garner attention to their products. This suite creates requests for reviews to prompt customers to publish product reviews. The tools in this suite conduct in-depth analysis into customer behavior and preferences and provide sellers with insights from the research.

These insights help sellers target specific customer pools with specific promotional or marketing strategies. Specific tools in this suite like Masschat and Snagshout enable sellers to engage this targeted portion of their customer base. This suite is perfect for sellers who haven’t yet found a wide audience for their products. It will help your product blow up and feature on top of search result pages.

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5. SellerLabs

Seller Labs

Seller Labs is an Amazon seller tool that provides sellers with insights into how their product ads are faring. From the number of views to click through rates to ranking, it gives sellers all the metrics required to assess the performance of their product ads. In addition to providing sellers with metrics, it also helps sellers manage their PPC campaigns, with tools like Ignite.

It also helps sellers manage feedback by customers and amend negative reviews using its Feedback Genius tool. As part of its product research features, this suite also conducts in-depth keyword analysis using its tool names Scope. This tool also analyses keywords used by competitors and their performance. And finally, it provides financial information related to product sales using its inventory tool named Quantify, so sellers have a comprehensive idea of product performance.

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6. SellerApp

SellerApp Amazon Product Research Tools

SellerApp is a product research tool that focuses on product reviews. It gathers information regarding customer response to products. This information is key to understanding the mind of the customers, and playing to the strength of the products while simultaneously rectifying parts that are not well-received. Often times, products don’t fare well for a host of different reasons that do NOT include product quality.

This could be the lack of necessary information on product page, or lack of pictures. The Seller App alerts sellers on the negative feedback given by customers so that they can make necessary amendments, to ensure that the product becomes a customer favorite. This review-focused product research helps sellers create highly targeted sales strategies.

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7. AMZ.One


AMZ.One is another free Amazon product research tool to watch out for. It conducts extensive research into product performance of both the sellers and their competitors. This gives sellers a real picture of where they stand in the market, and what changes ought to be made to their strategy to achieve greater sales than their competitors.

In addition to product research, this suite also has tools that track keyword ranking, manage SEO optimization, track product sales, find new profitable products, analyses the performance of product page, notify sellers about negative reviews, suggest promotional ideas and provide insights into customer behavior and their preferences. All of these features make this suite perfect for sellers who are serious about making it big in the Amazon marketplace, and want to reign as the top sellers in their niche markets.

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8. FeedbackWhiz


As the name suggests, FeedbackWhiz is an Amazon product research tool that focuses on feedback products receive from customers. It not only automates product reviews, but also constantly monitors and manages the same. It notifies sellers about negative reviews and suggests ways in which to modify said reviews or have customers delete them.

Such actionable suggestions are the result of ongoing product research and analysis. Some other features of Feedback Whiz include dashboards interface, integration of positive feedback, automated campaigns, customizable email links, event notifications, graphs, blacklist, campaign filters, email template building, etc.

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9. AMZDataStudio

AMZ Data Studio

AMZDataStudio uses internal Amazon data to provide sellers with product and market insights. Some of the free tools in this suite include index checker, listing builder, rank tracker, HTML converter, etc. The product research tool in this suite is extremely popular as it notifies sellers of products that have a high demand, but low competition. Moreover, it provides sellers with other relevant statistics related to product performance and sales. The tracking tools and keyword research tools from this suite are also equally popular amongst sellers in the Amazon marketplace.

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10. AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is the best Amazon FBA seller tool for sellers seeking to expand into other niche markets. It brings to sellers markets with products that have high profitability but low competition. All the metrics related to product research done by tools in this suite are presented in the form of graphs for ease of comprehension.

A Chrome extension of this suite is also available to sellers, making it very easy to access their AMZ Scout account as they browse through the Amazon website. An icon of AMZ Scout will be present at the bottom of the page so sellers can be directed to their account with just a click. Some of the other impressive features of this tool suite include Quick View, Sales Estimator, Inventory Spy, Keyword Tracker, Stock Stat, and Fee Calculator, amongst others.

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11. BQool


BQool is an Amazon seller tool suite that uses AI extensively. The cutting edge technology used allows it to help sellers increase sales, win Buy Box repeatedly, and eventually increase profits. The AI is constantly studying product performance and suggests changes to the seller’s product page and prices so that they can stay ahead of the game. The forecasting feature of this tool suite is accurate because of the accuracy in research and analysis by AI. The best part about using AI for product research is that, AI constantly learns from the changes in the market and product performance, making it smarter as time goes by.

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12. Seller Motor

Seller Motor

Seller Motor is the best Amazon product research tool for new sellers in the Amazon marketplace. It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to provide insights into product performance and give actionable recommendations to optimize product page. The three main features of this suite include Product Analysis, Account Manager, and Market Research. All the insights from product analysis provided are presented in easy-to-understand language and can be found right as sellers log in to their Seller Motor account. Market research by this tool suite extends to keywords, potential promotional ideas, trend forecasting, etc. All in all, this tool suite will help you enter the intimidating Amazon marketplace armed with all the relevant information, and how to use that information.

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The above mentioned Amazon product research tools are just a few of the many others that are available for sellers, like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Seller’s Sprite, etc. Each of these tool suites have a free trial period which can be availed by sellers before making the final call.