Top Amazon PPC Software Tools for 2022

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When it comes to the eCommerce space, Amazon dominates the online seller market. Almost all purchases made online are through Amazon making it a leading online retail website. In the digital age, online retailers are realizing the importance of moving their goods onto an online platform to expand their businesses. But by moving online, sellers face more competition from other sellers. In order to stand out from the pack, some of the best Amazon PPC software tools have been developed. These software management tools can help sellers advertise their goods, choose relevant keywords and produce listings that can gain you more visibility on a website like Amazon.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 - PPC Tools

Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon PPC software tools on the market today due to the multitude of tools that they offer. The Helium 10 tool helps you find profitable products with the help of their product finder tool. Once you have identified a profitable product, a keyword research tool like a magnet can help identify high-performing keywords that can drive more customers towards your product. A listing Analyzer tool then is able to interact with the keyword search tool to place your listing higher on the search page. This type of market intelligence is so important for sellers as it helps drive more profit margins. A powerful AI-powered tool like Adtomic gives you clear insights into your PPC data and allows you to make marketing decisions based on extensive analytics.

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2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout PPC Tool

Another great Amazon PPC tool to consider is Jungle Scout. Their product tracker tool allows you to easily track the performance of any product over time and analyze how to improve on sales of your inventory. The opportunity finder helps you perform product research easily and view how certain keywords perform in comparison to your competitors. The Sales Analytics tools help you keep track of real-time data and historical sales data. With the help of all these tools, you are able to maximize product listings, come up with better keywords and improve on PPC campaigns.

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3. Seller.Tools ppc tools

When selling on a platform like Amazon, sellers can get valuable insights from Amazon data. Seller. Tools is just the type of software that any online seller will need to get access to in-depth sales data and analytics. Their Keyword Manager helps you shortlist the best-performing keywords that your competition might be using in their listings. Using this kind of data can help you use potential keywords that will make you more visible to customers. Additionally, a Competition Research tool can help you track and compare the products of your competitors. They also allow you to step up your PPC strategy with the help of a PPC profitability calculator. It allows you to set realistic profitable targets, improve PPC campaigns and optimize pricing, listings, and PPC bids.

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4. Seller App

Seller App

A great PPC management service comes in the form of SellerApp. Their Amazon PPC tool can help you maximize advertising profits and make your Amazon ads more efficient using intelligent PPC campaigns. By identifying high-performing keywords, your PPC campaigns are stronger and are able to reach the right customers. The Amazon PPC audit tool keeps track of your Amazon account and helps you track where your revenue is coming in from. This data is so useful for both beginners and long-term sellers who are trying to build an online business on Amazon. The Keyword Tracker tool helps you make smart decisions on your listings and ranking on the Amazon website. By using a listing optimization tool, you are able to get insights on how to improve your listings and drive more sales.

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5. Sellics

Sellics review

Sellics has been designed to offer tools that automate PPC campaigns, bidding, and targets based on your goals. The benefit of using automatic software like Sellics is that you have intelligent software that will optimize your PPC campaigns with little to no effort from your side. Another great feature of this tool is that along with their automation software, you also get access to PPC experts that can give you valuable insights and answers to any queries you might have. Since the topic of PPC strategies can be a complex one, it helps that there is an expert on hand to guide you in the right direction. This guidance can come in the form of analyzing the growth potential of your products and a comprehensive review of your goals and how to achieve them. It is for this reason that Sellics is one of the best Amazon PPC software tools you can opt for.

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6. Viral Launch

SellerApp Amazon Product Research Tools

Viral launch has a PPC tool called Kinetic that helps you manage your Amazon campaign ads. The thing that drives this tool is the data set it collects from your Amazon account. Their software is designed in such a way so that you can produce customizable rules that bring back maximum profits on your ads. This tool is able to search and collect large amounts of data so that you can come up with appropriate strategies to improve on product listings, increase profits and track any changes that may occur in rankings. If you are a beginner in the seller space, the Kinetic interface is easy to understand and can give you actionable insights into how to improve your listings.

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7. Seller Labs


Another great Amazon PPC tool to consider is Ignite by Seller Labs. This PPC management tool helps you maximize your profits while decreasing you ACoS percentages. Their powerful AI algorithm helps you create ad campaigns that will help target the right customers for your products. It also helps you manage how much you spend on these ads. Since Amazon is a dynamic platform, rankings and listing orders change frequently. With an AI algorithm, changes can be made automatically to increase your market visibility. It all depends on your selling goals and the profits you wish to target. The key to finding success on a platform like Amazon is to cater your ad campaign to drive in more traffic and look for ways to improve on what you already have.

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