(Press Release) March 20, 2021- Amazon listing optimization is the process by which product pages are upgraded so as to improve their visibility during searches, CTR (click-through rate), and CR (conversion rate). The end goal of such improvement is to generate a greater number of sales. Some of the techniques used in this improvement process include the discovery of keywords, optimization of text and content, including image content, and increasing the reviews. The best way to go about this process is by enlisting the help of Amazon Listing Optimization tools.

Helium 10 is an Amazon listing tool that sellers can find on Zon Compare for $97 a month. This is one of the most comprehensive tools available in the market. It contains features like Black Box which helps sellers identify profitable ideas, Review Downloader to analyze customer reviews, Index Checker which ensures that the keywords used by the seller are indexed by Amazon, Cerebro which is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that reveals to sellers the keyword strategy followed by their competitors, Follow-Up which is an email automation feature and Alerts which protects sellers from listing hijacks and fraud, amongst others. If you visit the website of Zon Compare, Helium 10 is the first seller tool you will see and you can directly access information about this tool from there.

One of the most popular Amazon listing tools for identifying the most relevant keywords is Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout. This tool identifies the keyword that is most frequently searched to access similar products. The data with respect to the number of times this target keyword is searched is also provided to the seller. This data allows sellers to optimize their content to include the most frequently occurring keywords and thus gain more traffic.

AMZ Tracker, which can be availed at just $50 a month or $500 a year on Zon Compare, is a comprehensive Amazon Listing Optimization tool. In addition to identifying and ranking the frequently searched keywords, this tool also provides sellers with a review of what the strong points of their listing are and what the weak points are. This tool can also track parent and child products and alerts sellers when negative reviews are published about their products.

Cash Cow Pro, another Amazon listing tool you can find at Zon Compare is dubbed “data monster”, and rightly so. It provides sellers with nearly every metric regarding consumer habits. This is the best listing tool for a new seller as in just $49 a month, all the data can be received at one stop. Additionally, A/B testing options are used by Cash Cow Pro in data analysis.

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