A List of The Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

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Amazon keyword tools helps sellers in the Amazon marketplace get their products to the spotlight. It is no easy task to navigate the vast Amazon marketplace without the right tools. And Amazon FBA tools help sellers make strategic decisions so as to achieve increased traffic to the product page, and greater sales. This article contains a list of 13 best Amazon keyword research tools that every seller must know about. Each of the tools mentioned below can be sampled before purchasing using the free trials provided.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 Keyword Tool

With over one million users, Helium 10 is a widely popular free Amazon keyword tool. Some of the impressive features that this tool suite provides, in addition to keyword research and analysis, include listing optimization, profitability calculator, finance tools, operation management tools like market tracker, etc. Using this tool seller can obtain a list of the keywords that have the highest performance, spy on the keywords used by competitors, etc. This information is critical in creating a successful sales and marketing strategy.

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2. ZonGuru

ZonGuru Keyword Tool

ZonGuru is another popular tool that helps with Amazon keyword research. In addition to this feature, it also provides email automation, research on profitable products, sales tracker, sales ranker, notification of negative reviews, etc. As one of the best Amazon keyword tools, it not only helps locate profitable keywords, but also analyses the performance of keywords used, optimizes keyword use for maximum traffic, suggests keywords that would help the marketing campaign perform better, etc.

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3. ZonBase

ZonBase Keyword Tool

ZonBase is an Amazon keyword research tool that helps sellers in the Amazon marketplace locate niche markets that have good potential of sales. In addition to this, this tool also helps sellers zero in on keywords that would best perform in the niche markets identified. It also provides sellers with information on keywords being used by their competitors. In addition to these keyword research features, it also has other tools like Revenue Estimator, Brand Rank Tracking, Listing Optimization, etc. This tool suite comes with an introductory session that will help sellers make their way through the different tools in this tool suite.

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4. Sellics

Sellics Keyword Tool

Sellics, more commonly known as the most popular tool suite of 2020, is another Amazon keyword research tool that you should keep an eye out for. Its Amazon keyword tracker tool is popular for its accuracy. This tool suite converts complex data into insights that are easily understandable by sellers who are not technical experts. This is why this tool suite records the best user experience amongst all the other Amazon FBA tools.

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5. CashCowPro

cashcowpro keyword tool

CashCowPro, popularly known as the data monster amongst other Amazon FBA tools, is another Amazon keyword ranking tool that is to be considered. The enormity of the data that this tool suite analyzes helps it provide sellers with an extensive list of high potential keywords. This makes CashCowPro perfect for sellers with a large sales volume. Some of its other features include landing page optimization, niche expansion, reviews tracker, inventory management tools, tools for ROI analysis, etc.

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6. Seller Sprite

Seller Sprite Keyword Tool

Seller Sprite is a very effective selling assistant that supports international markets including USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Italy and India. In addition to locating profitable products, it also helps sellers track product performance and provides actionable recommendations to improve performance. The Keyword Tracker tool in this suite present the sellers with keywords that record the highest clicks. The Reverse ASIN feature helps sellers get an idea of the keywords most searched by their target audience. Additionally, Seller Sprite also provides sellers with synonyms of keywords used that have high potential. It comes with a Chrome extension feature that makes it easy for sellers to access their accounts while on the Amazon website.

7. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Keyword Tool

Jungle Scout was founded by Greg Mercer in the year 2014 to help sellers achieve success in the Amazon marketplace. Statistics reveal that over 238 billion sales made in the Amazon marketplace can be attributed to this tool suite. This makes it a very suitable Amazon FBA seller tool for those in highly competitive markets. Its Keyword Scout tool is a seller favorite as it helps identify those keywords that have the greatest potential within different markets. Additionally, it also analyzes the performance of the current keywords being used on the seller’s product page. Furthermore, with the help of all the data it analyzes, this tool suite suggests amendments in keyword placements, and keyword choices that can up the sales instantly.

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8. Data Hawk

Data Hawk Keyword Tool

DataHawk, as the name suggests is an Amazon research tool that crunches massive data and present them as understandable insights to the sellers. These insights help sellers make changes to their product pages so that they appear on top of the Google search result page. Millions of products and searches are analyzed to round up the highest performing keywords specific to the niche market in which the seller operates. Sellers can also search for numerous other statistics using various filters including product name, category, keyword, market, etc. The unique feature of this tool suite is the Projects and Tags System feature. This enables sellers to organize data and insights into different heads and tabs so that it is easy to comprehend.

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9. Viral Launch

Viral Launch Keyword Tool

Viral Launch is the tool to resort to if you wants to be on top of the niche market where you sell. All the tools in this suite scan the marketplace to identify profitable opportunities, spy on competitors and the strategies they use, track your product performance, optimize listings, amongst other things. The Keyword Manager in this tool suite helps sellers use keywords that will ensure that their products list high up on the search result page. The tracking and analysis tools in this suite constantly go through millions of products across the Amazon marketplace to bring to sellers, insights that will guarantee success in the marketplace.

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10. River Cleaner

River Cleaner Keyword Tool

River Cleaner is another Amazon keyword research tool which helps product pages land on top of the Google search result page. This suite comes with an Amazon keyword tool chrome extension that makes it easy to use. Using River Cleaner, sellers can locate high performing keywords using their PCs, remove keywords that have been duplicated, verify whether keywords have been indexed, etc. In addition to this it also enables sellers to identify PPC campaigns that are performing the best in the Amazon marketplace, and those that are worst performing. These insights provided by the various tools in this suite are valuable in creating sales strategies that guarantee greater sales.

11. AmazeOwl

AmazeOwl Keyword Tool

AmazeOwl has a vast database that spreads across 11 marketplaces and 600 million products. This tool suite is perfect for new sellers in the Amazon marketplace as it helps with ideation, optimization and management of product pages. The tool suite helps sellers locate niche markets and products with high profitability. In addition to this, it also helps sellers identify keywords that have the best chance of roping in new visitors to the product page. Not only this, it helps sellers figure out how to place these keywords across the product page so as to ensure that visitors get converted to customers. And finally, it continues to analyze the performance of the product page once the suggested keywords are in place. This helps sellers make amends on the go to achieve high conversion rates.

12. AMZ Insight

AMZ Insight Keyword Tool

AMZ Insight is best known for helping sellers identify products with low competition and high demand. A performance indicator of the various products shortlisted is also provided so sellers looking to expand their business can pick profitable products to sell. AMZ Insight helps sellers track product performance after using keywords suggested by the suite. It also generates new ideas for keywords to be used, based on all the information gathered and analyzed. This not only helps increase traffic to the product page, but also helps secure greater conversion rates.

13. Seller’s Suite

Seller's Suite Keyword Tool

Seller’s Suite is the best Amazon keyword research tool for sellers operating in multiple marketplaces. Without any added payments, sellers can use their Seller’s Suite account to navigate the multiple marketplaces they sell in. It provides sellers with an analysis of the keywords used in the product page, the performance of these keywords, the number of times customers search for particular keywords etc. This information of the keywords that best perform in all the multiple marketplaces the seller does business in, helps the seller use keywords that have the most potential. Additionally, this suite sends users notifications via text and email, on hijack attempts, negative reviews, Buy Box changes, etc.

Each of the tools mentioned above is profitable for sellers, irrespective of the niche market they sell in. The key to choosing the right tool suite is to identify your budget and the specific need you have. These two parameters will serve as the guide that will lead you to the tool suite that will best suite you.