amazon product analysis tools

Amazon Analytics Tools for 3rd Party Sellers

The key difference between successful sellers in the Amazon marketplace, and an average seller is in the Amazon analysis tools they use for their business. Sellers who perform well understand the significance of having the right data and using it to their advantage in the marketplace. Decisions that are well-informed improve the quality of business, which in turn will lead to a positive growth in business. Amazon offers its own version of analytics tools to 3rd party sellers who have a brand that meets with the criteria put down by the Amazon Brand Registry. However, other sellers can always avail the following analysis tools in their business.

AMZ tracker, for offense and defense

AMZ Tracker is an Amazon analytics tool for sellers that provides them with a unique Offense and Defense software. The tool tracks keywords in order to monitor the product ranking of sellers and that of their competitors. This information can be used as a leverage to understand what works and what doesn’t. Sellers also receive alerts when there is a negative review or a hijacking attempt by another seller. This allows sellers to promptly address the issues and protect the business. The “super URL” feature provided by the tool allows sellers to direct customers on social media towards the seller’s products. Moreover, the tool comes with a Unicorn Smasher Chrome extension. This can be pulled up onto search pages on Amazon to view the product revenue, quality of listing, number of reviews and sellers, etc. Using this data, sellers can identify the flaws of their competitors and outsell all of them in the Amazon marketplace.

SellerApp, for comprehensive analytics

SellerApp is the Amazon seller analytics tool that acts as a one-stop shop for data on sales, operations and marketing. It helps sellers discover the most profitable products, flags down search terms that are negative and has features that automatically mine for the conversion of words to optimize product listings. It can be accessed easily as it is available as a Chrome extension. The Profit Dashboard of this toolkit helps sellers keep track of their inventory and sales. The dashboard provides sellers with sales insights that are accurate and helps monitor the actual profit margins of the business. SellerApp also analyses the performance of the keywords used by sellers. In addition to the above, business metrics that are vital to the growth of the business, like sales, inventory, profits, etc. are also provided so as to generate insights that are actionable. The data analysis provided by this toolkit allows sellers to make necessary changes to their business strategies and content, so as to improve product performance. The customer support team works round the clock all year long to assist sellers any way they can.

ManageByStats, for customer engagement

ManageByStats is an Amazon product analysis tool that helps sellers improve customer engagement by means of increased customer reviews, and ultimately increase profits. This tool, like SellerApp, contains a profit dashboard. The dashboard of ManageByStats allows sellers to view product statistics, transaction data, graphs, inventory analytics, etc. The graphs help sellers spot business trends faster as it is presented visually. The faster sellers comprehend business trends, the faster they can implement appropriate strategies to gain more customer engagement. This toolkit allows sellers to view their Amazon traffic, rates of conversion and other vital metrics easily. The SellerMail feature of this toolkit secured customer engagement by automated follow-up emails. Seller can choose from pre-built mail templates or draft their own responses from scratch. ManageByStats allows sellers to view a list of their customers on Amazon, with a special emphasis of repeated buyers. Sellers can search through the customer data using various filters like customer name, product purchased, location or date of purchase. Analytics can be easily accessed and comprehended, making it suitable for new sellers who are just being introduced to the Amazon marketplace.