helium 10 chrome extension

All about Helium 10 Chrome Extension

The Helium 10 chrome extension is an on-browser research tool that is being offered by Helium 10 so that you can review potential product opportunities, forecast sales, and calculate expected revenues. While browsing on the Amazon webpage the Helium 10 extension allows you to copy ASIN in bulk and quickly create targeted ads for products. With different tools like the Review Insights, you can go through all the negative and positive comments left by customers and come up with ways to address them. The Xray tool can be used within the chrome extension to perform product research and gives you an overview of the markets as you browse Amazon.

Other tools such as Scribbles allow you to assess keywords so that your product listing is optimized to the highest level. This real-time optimization helps save time and money as it is completely free to add to your chrome browser. With the Helium 10 extension on chrome, you can rapidly expand your business on Amazon, conduct competitor research, identify product opportunities, enhance your PPC campaigns. If you would like to increase the sales on your Amazon listings, you might want to consider adding the chrome extension to your browser so that you can have a comprehensive overview of your online business.

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